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CGTN:CPC continues to inspire China's youth

作者:邹韵 时间:2017-10-22



For Chinese born in the 1970s and 80s, joining the Communist Party of China in their 20s or early 30s was seen as badge of an honor. But does this resonate with today's youth, who are seen as more independent? And what is the understanding of the CPC among the younger generation?

Students from Beijing University of Technology gave answers about the reasons why they joined the party, as the university prepared for the 19th CPC National Congress.

Parents' influence and the honored meanings of being a Party member –  advancement and excellency – are among the reasons.

“To be admitted in this party, means I can be a good person, and put a label on me: this student is good,” Jiang Jiayin, a student from the university said.

They joined the CPC for different reasons, yet share a similar passion: recognition for the party and the country. Mao Jiajia, a new teacher at Beijing University of Technology said that what impressed her the most is the leading role party members play in the best of times, and the worst of times.

“During the 2008 Wenchuan Earthquake, I saw in the news that a large number of rescuers at the disaster frontier were party members. They were at risk of losing their own lives in their bid to save countless victims. I was so inspired and determined to become a party member since then. ”

Data shows in 2016, among the 1.9 million new candidates party authorities approved, over 35 percent of them were students. Some college teachers working at the party branch said that some students may join the party for pragmatic reasons, but the majority see the CPC as a spiritual leader, giving them communist faith for better development.

Liu Yu, a teacher, works at the party branch where they are making efforts to help students better understand and engage with the party.

“Instead of throwing rigid theories at the students, we held various activities such as a knowledge competition, watch party-themed movies and helped student party members with difficulties in academic studies, this helps them in bolstering recognition for the party.”

For many young people who joined and hope to join the party, they strive to fight beyond their own interests, and integrate their individual pursuits into the course of the country’s development.

Wu Yiping, a new college teacher said he wants to inspire his students with expertise and the positive influence.

“Knowledge can change the destiny of a person, as a party member and a young college teacher, I want to influence my students with expertise and personality, to make them more independent, innovative and cooperative, in order to better serve the society.”

An Yanlin, a senior student majoring in industrial design, said China now is in the process of transition: from "Made in China," to intellectually manufactured in China. And she wants to contribute her own efforts on that front.


Joining the CPC remains to be a significant and attractive path for young college graduates here in China. For them, it's a chance to make both a contribution to society, while also making an honorable commitment. And for many of them, adding vitality and advancement to the party, is an opportunity they wouldn't want to miss.